Dom Dom Cutting Class

April 30, 2023 • Orange County, CA


I’m a stylist just like you!

My goal is to teach you some of the best methods of cutting that I have learned over the years, instructing in a way that is both real and simple. In this demo class, I show you how to create limitless looks on 2 models that you can use on any client, every day behind the chair. From short to long hair, you will learn that simplicity + efficiency is key. You will leave the class feeling inspired and ready to take what you learned in class back to your salon and behind the chair. 


You will learn:

  1. Thought process behind short, mid-length, and long hair 
  2. How I create big changes with simple techniques 


What's included:

2 models 

Refreshments + lunch will be provided by the salon 

Swag bags with lots of goodies!


Products used in class:

Medium Round Bristle Brush

Carbon Comb #9

Wet Brush


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